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Screw press

LZ screw press.

This machine is mainly used to crush fruit and vegetable juice.

This equipment is composed of rack, hopper, front support, screw, frame, screen, rear support, handwheel bearing seat, etc.

Spiral juicing main component is spiral, spiral diameter along the bottom slag is expected to export direction gradually increase and pitch gradually reduce, when the material being spiral propulsion for spiral cavity volume shrinking, form for material crushing. The rotation direction of the spiral spindle is seen from the feeding hopper to the slag trough, which is clockwise. Raw material add to the feed hopper, under the propulsion of spiral compression, the squeezing the juice through a filter at the bottom of the gravy, while the waste and the conical part of the surge tank by screw formed between the annular gap discharge, pressure regulating head along the axial movement of adjustable gap size, adjust the output rate of juice.

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