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GF series single screw pump

Equipment description:

GF series of single screw pump belongs to positive displacement pump, it is the main working parts of the transport tank, eccentric screw (rotor) of helix and the inner surface is double helical surface screw bushing (called stator) and so on several parts; The working principle is: when the motor turns, the medium enters the sealed chamber formed by the screw and the screw. Screw each roll a week, seal chamber of the medium forward a pitch, along with the continuous rotation of the screw, the medium in the form of a screw from one sealed cavity pressure to another seal cavity, finally out of the pump body.

This equipment has simple structure, safe and reliable work, convenient operation and maintenance, the advantages of continuous uniform temperature and pressure, all parts contacting material selects the high quality stainless steel, bushing according to different medium to choose the suitable rubber production, is suitable for conveying working temperature is less than 150 ℃ (above 80 ℃ medium need with special liner), viscosity is not less than 2 x 105 million mpa/s of medium, the medium of suspension content meter shall not exceed 40% by volume (such as powder particles can be up to 70%), the largest diameter does not exceed the screw of eccentricity, the longest fiber length is not more than 0.4 times the screw pitch, this pump is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

GF series single screw pump performance parameters table.

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